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Refund Policy

I’m going to ask you make a true-hearted commitment when you register to join us in colorful Colorado for our Art Feeds My Soul Extended Weekend Workshop. However, we understand sometimes things can happen that bump us off course due to an emergency. Refunds will be given, except a $175.00 nonrefundable registration & handling fee, if you cancel for any reason.

You may offer another person your spot at this event, however, those who have been on the waiting list will have the first opportunity to fill your place. We do appreciate you making full attempts to find another person to fill your place. 

You will receive a full refund minus $175.00 for registration handling fees after writing to us by email telling us you are canceling. Verbal messages, texts, Facebook messenger or other social media will be NOT be accepted as an avenue to cancel. Expect up to a week for a refund.

There will be no refunds given to no shows, late arrivals to the event or cancelations made after October 1, 2017.

Due to unforeseen things out of our control such as an act of God or natural disaster, Art Feeds My Soul Workshops may be canceled by our choice for the safety of all concerned. Your Soul Picnic, Lille Diane, Painted Turtle Studio or Mancos Inn & Hostel are not responsible for lost travel fare or other expenses related to traveling here or from here should something happen beyond our control prior to arriving for this event. Guests can expect a full refund if canceled due to these types of conditions beyond our control.

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