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Online Classes & Art Therapy

Art therapy & PTSD are a match made in heaven. Begin here on my Online Classes & Art Therapy section I’m currently working to load up with more art tutorials and fun! Plus free coloring book pages!

My whole-hearted recommendation is for you to start with my “HandScapes, honoring your hands through art” class. I have the class set to a free status until the classroom reaches 200 students. (link below) I think you’ll be mesmerized by the high-speed videos depicting ink being laid down to form the shapes out of my imagination and onto the paper. You’ll have a strong urge to find a pen and paper shortly after the groovy music starts playing and I begin doodling like a kid.

No child ever says, “Me? Draw? No way! I can’t even draw a stick person!” Ever! They jump right into the merry-making art brings as it feeds their spirits. It’s a soul picnic. I trust my inner kid to show me the way back to me. Let me show you how to do this, too!

Doodling opens the pathway to serenity and helps us focus. Contrary to popular belief, doodling helps people retain information better if done while listening to a lecture, a podcast or audio recordings. In fact, doodling is more effective than taking notes to remember what is being said. Ever notice how people instinctively doodle while talking on the phone or during business meetings?

Reverse Handscape

Reverse HandScape

A small sketchbook, a pen or pencil is all you need to begin adding an art practice to your daily routine. Bring it with you everywhere especially to doctor visits, hospitals or waiting rooms of any kind.  A sketchbook is a far better choice than a germy magazine with half the pages torn out in any medical holding tank commonly referred to as waiting rooms to keep the fidgeting at bay. I pull mine out in restaurants, parks, nature, or anywhere I am waiting in a queue to help me feel peaceful. I consider this a healthy addiction and trust me, it will become more valuable and effective than the Zannie you reach for to medicate yourself. Only this addiction is chemical free, leaves no hangover residual, gets you higher than a kite & is an inexpensive habit.

Below are some of the classes and direct links for the classes I teach that are available to you right now on SkillShare. Within the SkillShare online teaching community, you will find topics from one end of the spectrum to the other. Art, cooking, online marketing, software, meditation, sewing, crafts, decorating, knitting, crocheting, photography, video making and editing, animation, writing, gardening and more!

Remember my class ‘HandScapes, Honoring Your Hands Through Art’ is available for you take for free until the classroom reaches 200 students. The link to get immediate access to this class will be listed under the trailer video below.

So for now, head over to SkillShare to take a class from me or any of the excellent teachers sharing their gifts with others there. It’s a great deal for the wealth of information available to lifelong students. Links to my classes and descriptions are underneath each video trailer. It’s highly favorable you’ll get to see what monkey pants are all about in my blooper video below.

Boho Style Window Bling Blooper starring Auggy Doggy

This is one of my favorite videos. My kitties were featured on both of my classes on SkillShare. Last August Auggy Doggy, the black and white tuxedo cat in this video, rode off on the back of a Great Horned Owl—at least that’s the way I prefer to view it.

Three weeks later, my beloved 16 year old guru in a cat suit, Opie Taylor, followed his little brother over the Rainbow Bridge when his kidneys tuckered out on him. Opie was the magician who taught me about monkey pants. I learned from him how to rock my very own pair of magic monkey pants whenever I was less than buoyant in my body, my head or my Spirit. You’ll be hearing a lot about monkey pants around here. Opie Taylor has quite a fan club. His wisdom, antics and stories can be found on my old blog ‘Woodstock Lily’.

Dear one, I’m almost certain many of you are animal lovers like I am. You will enjoy this sweet moment I captured Auggy Doggy on film “helping” me rehearse my class before filming. This is 27 seconds of kitties sporting monkey pants. You can meet Auggy Doggy and Opie Taylor in either classroom below.

Boho Style Window Bling, in under an hour! Trailer Video

Would you like to learn how to make a no sew Boho style window treatment for your places and spaces in under an hour? If you are looking for a fast, fun, colorful way to dress up your home, office or studio that will give you instant gratification Boho Style Window Bling is what you’re looking for! The juicy possibilities are endless!

You can check out what my students are saying about this class on SkillShare when you head over there.  My dimples are doing their thang and my face cheeks are turning a mighty pretty shade of cheery red!

‘HandScapes, honoring your hands through art’ Trailer Video

Allow me the enjoyment of teaching you how to honor your hands through art by making templates of your hands then showing you how to turn them into brilliantly, colored works of art! I’ll guide you how to use watercolor, ink and your imagination to turn your HandScapes into one-of-a-kind statement pieces you can display, trade with others or use as gifts. No experience needed to make this gorgeous heirloom quality art!

HandScapes are an ideal project for individuals seeking a simple mindfulness or meditative art practice, women’s groups, home schoolers, family reunions or gatherings with friends.  This is one of my favorite in-person classes to teach.

A dear friend made the HandScape above. It’s one of many she’s made in the last year as she healed from PTSD, anxiety and depression after a family member who took their own life. I taught her this sacred practice and she in turn used it to help her family members grieve, bond and remember their loved one during the time they gathered for the funeral. Men and women of all ages, backgrounds and interests, joined in. Each said the process of creating HandScapes helped them during this extremely difficult time and that it was fun. I encourage you to learn how to do this and teach others how to do it. There’s deep, deep medicine within this simple to do project.

Enroll today while the class is still available as a free offering for the first 200 students. You can find HandScapes, Honoring Your Hands Through Art here.