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Who’s serving the picnic?

Meet Lille Diane, Guide-Ess and Human Sparkler

Meet Lille Diane, your soul picnic Guide-Ess and Human Sparkler.

Colorado native, lifelong artist, musician, teacher-student & human sparkler, Lille Diane, has been rocking creative careers since the early 70’s. Professional vocalist, recording artist, national conference & retreat speaker, artist, author and tour guide in the majestic Four Corners area, Lille has pursued her creative dreams like an athlete.

In 2008 an auto accident pushed Lille (pronounced as lily) off a cliff into the depths of PTSD, multiple chronic, debilitating illnesses and MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, she developed from a traumatic brain injury during a horseback riding accident in the late 80’s. Lille’s journey within led her to find the hidden layers of trauma, connect the dots, and ultimately, how to rewire her brain back to wholeness. Today she teaches from the wealth of personal experiences using art as medicine, nature as the all-inclusive, outdoor University and thoughts as vehicles one can guide.

Lille Diane lives in the Durango, CO area in a rural area overlooking Mesa Verde National Park where she creates vibrantly, colored paintings and mixed media work of the Four Corner’s area and the people who live there.  In her spare time she works as a tour guide with a full team of experts based out of Durango, CO giving a variety of tours from fossil and crystal hunting to winter wonderland rides in authentic vintage Snow cats to prospecting with the pros! You can find out more here at
Bobs Rocks 4 U and Tom’s Tours

Lille Diane’s art and online classes will be available here for sale here in the very near future. You can read more about Lille’s story at Woodstock Lily where she documented her journey, her setbacks and victories emerging from severe agoraphobia, PTSD, chronic illness and depression

I believe art, nature, music and laughter are not only medicine — they are tools that lead us back to our center, our core, our calm place and our higher power. I believe we are here to remember to remember who we truly are within. I believe we can change ourselves and no one else.

I believe we are both a student, and a teacher, during our walk on planet Earth. I believe accidents can be the best teachers and contain the greatest lessons. I believe we heal by giving back to others. I believe our brains are plastic wonders we can shift, mold, rewire and reconstruct—over, and over again.

I believe in serendipitous synchronicities as gifts, opportunities for growth and divine appointments our souls needed. I believe you found your way here for a reason and I’m ecstatic you did!

Dear One,

I’m delighted and excited you found your way here to Your Soul Picnic! I’m filling a variety of picnic baskets here at YSP just for you! Picnic baskets full of tools, tips, freebies, resources, encouragement, art, adventure, and fun for all seeking refreshment for their souls. Each one of us is a time traveler traversing the mountain tops and valleys of Life.

Sometimes we get stuck in the valleys and bogged down by what I call “junk in the trunk”. YSP is here to give you a lift back up and help you dust off your monkey pants so you can engage in this picnic called Life and Living more fully. I’m here to guide you how to get the sags, droops, and bricks out of your britches so you can begin scampering freely again.

lille facial expession
PTSD robbed Lille of sleep, March 2009

I spent a lot of years sitting in my own poo. I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out where the stench was coming from and how to dig deep to find the source all the way to the root. I spent too many years peeking out tiny slits through my drapes and perfecting my script to explain to others why I couldn’t leave my house or get in a car or follow my once wild and brilliant dreams anywhere but back to bed. Yes, I was that ‘unrecognizable-to-myself’ girl…

Trying to find my way back to me
June 2009 – Slipping into darkness

I chose to face the giants in my mind and reshape them like Play Doh into wiser versions of myself, teachers, mirrors and eventually friends—good friends who only wanted my highest good and the quality of my life to be rich in self-love, self-acceptance and self-empowering thoughts of who I truly was within. I found my way out of the sticky, spider webs of fear-filled thoughts, and began turning my unhealthy survival tactics into ones that didn’t bury me deeper. I found my way back to a safe, sane and recognizable world I could fully function in and thrive in.

Lille Diane smiling headshot

Lille Diane today

Today I am very much the sassy, unsinkable girl I missed so much and I can honestly say, I am better, freer and more whole than I was prior to the accident. I am dancing heart-to-heart with the girl I fought my way through the war zone to get back to. Now I am able bounce back faster when I slip a groove and I can see clearer what bounced me off track. I have tools in my knapsack and know how to use them. I am once again the brave girl who says YES! to Life and adventure. I can leave my house anytime I want to. I am ME again!

I spent the last nine years feeding myself soul food and now I am ready to open the picnic basket to share the abundance I discovered within to you. Dear Picnicker, I want to share these golden bread crumbs that led me out of despair and into the Life changing lessons I found buried deep inside trauma, suffering, chronic illness and mental dis-ease.

I’m not here to fix anyone, yet I know with confidence, I can help guide you to find your way back to you again, too, should you decide to picnic here with me.

Soul Food is mood food and that’s what’s being served up on the menu at Your Soul Picnic. I want YSP to be a portal, a banquet, a party, a dance on a mesa top with your soul. I want you to find the freedom here you need to become the beautiful soul you came here to be. Each one of us is in some stage of becoming, some stage of seeking answers and we are all progressing at our own unique speed in this Life journey. And this I know, that I know, is that we can do so much more together than we can alone. Grab my hand. Let’s picnic together.

Lille Diane at Canyon Lands

I have empathy for the home bound due to illness or fears. I know your soul needs a safe place to soar while you heal. You, dear one, are one of the main reasons I created YSP. I want all of us to connect the dots and get out of the jail of chronic illness, depression and fear. Plus, I’ll provide lots of tips for the beautiful souls, like my Superman, who stand in the gap for us while we are recharging, renewing and restoring our health. Goodness knows all of you dear tendered, hearted ones who take us to doctor appointments, feed us, lose sleep over us and hurt silently while we are hurting… You need as much nurturing as the one you are protecting does! I get this totally!

The picnic basket inside your heart needs refreshment, nourishment and hungers for truth, meaning and hope. I want YSP to become a virtual basket of goodies to help sustain you on whatever path you’re on. I want you to spread out a blanket, sit down beside me and dive into the menu being filled with content regularly here at YSP. Let’s expand our horizons beyond our arm chairs, beds and self-limiting thoughts together.

Lille Diane at Canyon Lands

Here at YSP you will find the healing medicine art making brings, encouragement to seek AND find yourself in nature, plus uplifting fare to nurture you on your magnificent voyage back to YOU. I’ll bring nature and beauty to those of you who cannot venture out to explore—yet. And for those of you ready for real, live bucket list adventures, you can find that here, too.

I sat where many of you are watching the world go by, or seemed to be going by, without me… I discovered during my own healing journey that time isn’t wasted while we’re healing, not even while we’re lying in bed, when we fill ourselves with good thoughts, images, and we chose to speak loving words to ourselves. I’ll guide you how to shift your stinkin’ thinkin’ and see yourself whole. Not broken.

BONUS! I am just one of your trail guides here at Your Soul Picnic for adventure, art making and activities to awaken your picnic within. I’m bringing other experienced guides to this picnic of knowledge to share the wisdom they’ve gained in the healing game, as well as support for family members, friends and the angels who’ve been assisting you while you are healing, too. We’ll help each other.

Let’s remember to remember together who we truly are within. Let’s fill our picnic baskets together with goodness. Let us be the tender encouragement together for others along the dusty trail seeking their own unique soul picnic. Let’s meet here together regularly to uplift each other. Let’s hurry down to our own soul picnic… Come on! Come on! Shall we picnic?

Thank you for finding me here. Together, we are becoming Human Sparklers.

Lille Diane as human sparkler

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I also teach online at SkillShare. Direct links for my classes can be found here: Boho Window Bling and Handscapes-Honoring Your Hands Through Art.

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