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Art & Healing PTSD belong together

Tap into your right brain’s creative picnic basket of art making to open a floodgate of happy, calming endorphins. Art & Healing PTSD belong together. Art making is a powerful tool to help short circuit the unwanted voices in our heads. Art making increases our ability to self-calm, focus, release, boost energy, feel productive, feel accomplished, and sometimes, it even makes us start humming. Yes, humming like a cat vibrating at the frequency called contentment–pure, unfiltered peace. Art making is soul food.

Sacred Tree Mesa Verde

Simple doodling is more powerful than one thinks. It’s medicine for our brains.

I’m currently working on art tutorials and classes that will be available for you to plug into here at Your Soul Picnic. Some will be free, and others will offer more in-depth teaching for those of you seeking the healing path art making offers. I highly encourage everyone to add a little art making of any kind into your medicine bags. When I tell you art is a life raft, I mean it with all my heart. It has carried me through the darkest times in my life without fail. Without fail!

One of the ways we get the junk out of the trunk is to fill ourselves up with new skills, new knowledge, and new ideas. Focusing on something that provides a healthy, calming center such as creativity is much like mainlining chocolate. Art making releases helium filled giggles when used even for 5 minutes a day. Yes! 5 minutes a day shifting our thoughts to learning new things can feel like a bicycle ride with the wind in our hair.

You can find some of my online classes nested in the Online Classes section until the picnic basket is loaded here for your healing enjoyment. I currently teach online at SkillShare. SkillShare is host to hundreds of everyday laypeople and professionals teaching others. It is an online paradise for people who enjoy learning or sharing their skills with others. Read more about my classes here. Online Classes