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Armchair Adventures, rewire the PTSD brain

Put your bunny slippers on, push the recliner all the way back. Fluff the pillows behind your head to get comfy. Here’s a hangout I made just for YOU called ‘Armchair Adventures, rewire the PTSD brain‘ to assist you to add more happy visuals inside your soul’s picnic basket. I call it armchair exploring which is not just being lazy or succumbing to illness. No, it’s much, much more than this. As we get rid of the junk-in-the-trunk inside our heads, we need to refill the cavities with good things or we risk filling it up with the old stories, old images and really bad B movies we make up in our minds. We’re changing all this right here, right now. You’re welcome!

This is the happy place for you to zone out in until you are able to venture outside of your healing nest to sit in nature or get up to do all the things you love doing again. It may not feel like you love to do anything right now, and yet, I know without a doubt, deep inside your true self is telling you to please, please, please remember who you truly are within. You’re going to hear me say this a LOT. It’s the biggest bread crumb I’ve got for you and I will scream it from the rooftops to help keep you focused on the prize–YOU!

I have big plans for this virtual library of love, nurturing, and joy to keep your minds full of healing content. I’m a cornball type of girl so expect some silly. A lot of silly. They don’t call me Silly Lille for nuttin’! I have a reputation to live up to, you know. Read more on this below why I made this virtual, restorative healing bed of beauty and fun just for you! More content being added regularly!

Let’s begin with listening to one of my favorite songs by Laura Nyro. And guess what? You’ll be able to hear me sing here, too. Just for you, beautiful soul. Just for you.

Laura Nyro, Stoned Soul Picnic

Lille kayaking to help her calm herself floating.
Kayaking and floating is how Lille first sought peace when she couldn’t find it being in a car.

I’m going to take you to my favorite places even if it’s just sitting beside me on my bench watching the sun set over the Sleeping Ute Mountains or the sun pushing up through cotton candy colored clouds over the La Plata Mountains to my east. If I could film the Milky Way and Orion here, I would! I may even make this my next goal just so you can lie beside me on a sleeping bag and count shooting stars with me!

I created this picnic basket for all the armchair adventurers out here who are in various stages of healing and for those of you who are traveling alongside the one healing. I made this for people with PTSD. I made this picnic basket for myself and others like myself who are back out into the world functioning, thriving and embracing their newfound freedom. I made it for you reading this page. I made it especially for you, dear one.

Here’s why I made it.

There are millions of places we can travel inside our heads to leave reality behind. Millions! Our brains can take us to Oz or straight to hell in a New York minute. Trauma shortens the loops and cinches the belt on specific tracks that play over and over in our heads. A loop, aka a trigger, can hack a happy moment when we least expect it.

Lille walking in the woods.
Nature taught Lille how to find her light within again.

Before we know it, it’s Groundhog Day, the movie, and we’re waking up in the same moment again and again. We begin recycling the same icky events, the same full length movie “What if’s Gone Wild” full of crap that hasn’t even happened and by re-telling our sad stories to ourselves and others about all that’s wrong with us instead of what’s fantastic about ourselves or what’s going well that day.

I’d love to be able to tell you I aced this test “Healing Trauma 101” yet I did not. I wasn’t top student in this class. I am a bad assed kicker of shittage when someone calls someone I love names or lies to them. Yet for myself, I hit myself with my best shots all the time and asked for more. This was, and still is, my biggest battle ground with myself coined stinkin’ thinkin’ by Zig Ziglar. Stinkin’ thinkin’ is sneaky that way yet it’s NOT invisible when we learn how to recognize we are doing it.

Finally I figured out my brain could be tricked into believing ANYTHING I fed it. After all, it remembered all the varied horrific things that had never happened because I fed it endless stories all the f’ing time of all the possible scenarios that COULD happen!  I made it a priority to find ways to remember the all good things that had happened to me and the skipping and singing down the yellow brick road memories to create healthy escapes routes for myself.

Lille exploring the sacred lands in the Four Corners area.
Lille exploring the sacred Four Corners area where she grew up.

One way I found, and still use as needed today, is to fill my head with lovely visuals of nature, animals, and places that make me happy. Armchair Adventurers will be able to access this picnic basket filled with a library of music, videos, podcasts and visuals that will hardwire your brain with new loops and new tap lines into a reservoir of peace. I’ll be adding new content regularly. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Lille on the Snowcat ride that shifted her fear into pure peace. Feb 2017

Lille on her first Snowcat ride Feb 2017

I pushed through the fears of PTSD to go on this Snowcat ride (video below) in the Colorado Rockies this past February 2017. I tossed and turned for three nights before the big day. I rehearsed all the reasons I’d have to pass on the adventure and they were darn good sounding excuses, too! My brain told me all the horrible things that would happen if I did say yes and go with my team that day.

Reality told a completely different story. The worst thing I experienced was my face cheeks ripping from smiling, my dimples kissing the back of my skull, needing a Depends for laughing too hard and sitting in a seat wet from my boots. My seat was wet because I was standing on it to see the beauty outside the cab from the open roof. I even drove the snowcat! *Disclaimer* I DID NOT WET MY MONKEY PANTS!

Fear will lie to you. I’m so grateful I didn’t listen to the voices telling me not to do this. I now use these very images to help me fall asleep at night now. Take a ride a ride with me to see the majestic mountains I was born near. I had a rebirth experience facing my fears this day.

Transformation Talk Radio, Chat with Natalie, Getting to know Yourselfwith Lille Diane.

Chat with Natalie:

Transformation Talk Radio, Chat with Natalie, Getting to know Yourself, and on today’s show, ‘Remember to Remember’ with the amazing Lille Diane. Are you ready to remember who you truly are within? Join Lille and Natalie in this powerful interview discussion about Lille’s song, ‘Remember to Remember’ encouraging people with PTSD, chronic illness, and depression to reconnect with themselves.  Click on the image to listen to the interview.

Lille on roller skates serving up laughs in 1978.

I’ll just leave you with this chicken for now… More fun coming soon!