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Introducing my new blog, ‘Moonbeams & Monkey Pantsfinding freedom after PTSD

Oh, my goodness… my brand new blog, ‘Moonbeams & Monkey Pantsfinding freedom after PTSD’! I’m having a surreal, dripped-in-honey moment right now filling up a brand new picnic basket with my writing as I say goodbye to Woodstock Lily, my old blog. Stop by here to find helpful content drizzled in spunk to help you remember who you truly are within. From time to time, I’ll pull a goodie out of the archives to present to you here. Although, writing new material will be my focus and heart’s desire to release all the information I’ve learned on my journey with PTSD.

I followed my heart for the last nine years to arrive safe and sound here today at Your Soul Picnic. I have filled up thousands of picnic baskets full of gifts for you in my mind as I dreamt about arriving at this exact point in time. Mountain sized dreams of helping others conquer their fears, visions of hosting unique, creative gatherings, and teaching others how to use art making as medicine has kept me focused forward. I’ve been making lemonade all these years as I found my way back to me—a gourmet lemonade with a splash of lavender and served up with a dark chocolate dipped, macaroon cookie on the side! Turning lemons into lemonade is not just an old saying. It’s a wee bit of magic making that can topple the Goliaths in our heads without using rocks.

I made the decision to launch this website before completely filling the picnic baskets at YSP with all the soul-nourishing delicacies I’ve collected for you. I wanted my guests to have enough time to make plans to join me for my very first creative gathering here in my beloved state of Colorado, Painted Postcards ~ Sacred Lands. October 11 – 15, 2017.

Besides, the ants in my pants were doing the Rumba, the Limbo and a lot of River Dancing. So you see, my excitable child heart forced me to put this HUGE picnic out into the world before the army ants wearing tap shoes and clogs inside my britches caused cellulite to form on my buttocks. You do know that’s where cellulite comes from, right? Yes, not letting your joy out is exactly where cellulite comes from. This is precisely how one deals with ants that parade across picnic blankets. Let your JOY out! Who knew?

I’ll also be celebrating my 65th trip around the sun on October 13, 2017, at this kick-off event. Sorry… I should have prepared you before I typed this last sentence. Did I fake you out about my true age because I proudly show everyone my eleven-year-old on a regular basis, don’t I? So now that you now my eleven-year-old takes over from time to time, may I tell you we will be having CAKE at my birthday party?! Cake! Remind me, if I haven’t. I’d be happy to talk about cake a little more. Cake receives too little fanfare as do eleven-year old’s who rock their indomitable Spirits.

Mesa Verde and Sleeping Ute Mountains, Cortez, CO

From where I’m sitting writing this love letter to you on my west facing porch I can see the location where we will be gathering for PPSL just outside of Cortez, CO. Everytime I look at these mountains, I think of you, the eight beautiful souls who will be joining me here. I have thought about you for the last 7-8 years while I prepared this picnic, this banquet, this feast for you while I was lying in my bed healing. I used the images of you as my motivator, my carrot, my reminder to keep-on-keeping-on, one foot in front of the other, in order to heal so we could picnic one day together.

I have been a teacher most of my life, however, I was benched on May 4, 2008, after an auto accident. Although I tried many, many times to do what I’m doing now, I simply wasn’t ready. Since we moved back to my birth state of Colorado in April 2015, I have practically turned back time on my energy levels, my appearance and my cognitive abilities. Those of you who have experienced PTSD, Fibromyalgia, chronic anxiety and depression, auto-immune diseases, agoraphobia or MCS, multiple chemical sensitivities may understand how significant this is. I’m still in awe of it myself!

I broke out of jail.

I stretched myself continually while I was in the battle zones in my head, my body, and my soul. I discovered facing the giants was, in fact, easier than lying underneath them—cemented in a vault of fears and entertaining the bandits who robbed my peace as honored guests. Slowly, I uncovered the chains, the links, and closets full of hidden ghosts that kept me chained to whipping post of the past that I thought I had dealt with. Let’s just say, I mastered sweeping crapola under the carpet without even realizing I had. Sound familiar?

Does it make more sense why I’ve been in full-tilt, giddy mode the past month or so since I first told you about my upcoming gathering and website launch? I’m giving birth!

Please take a look, if you haven’t already, under the Gathering tab in the menu to find the Painted Postcards ~ Sacred Lands information to read more about the rootin’, tootin’ extravaganza I have lined up for you and 7 more guests here in the majestic Four Corners area where I was raised! Only 8 spaces available on the happy bus! I have an urge to talk about cake…

Here are a few more details what I’ll be adding to the picnic baskets at YSP in the coming weeks.

  • Online art classes and tutorials. I’ll have a groovy freebie section where you can download free coloring book pages made by me, watch complementary how-to videos on a variety of subjects about art, crafty tips to add beauty to your surroundings and high-speed demos of me making art. I watched 1000’s of high-speed art making videos while I was too sick to create anything. I know firsthand how this works to help shift your brain. I want you to enjoy the healing benefits while you’re kicking ass on healing yourself.
  • There will be picnic baskets housing motivational tips and videos on how to reboot and boost your brain to a higher frequency so you can heal faster. I’ll provide links and resources to the people and organizations that helped me on my healing journey. Plus, YSP will host guest contributors who understand where you are and have some tricks up their sleeves to gird you up with tools, support, and knowledge. These are power-fueled smoothies of information to feed both the one healing and the one guarding the nest. I have an enormous amount of respect, empathy, and tenderness toward you both. Armchair Adventures under the menu tab Soul Food already has a few snacks waiting inside for you now. Take a peek inside. I packed it just for you!
  • Sign up for my newsletter to receive special discounts on upcoming events, online classes, and my art! You’ll be the first to hear about new offerings here at YSP and will receive discounts the general public does not get!
  • You can find me on Instagram, FaceBook, and YouTube, too. Click on the links on this page to connect with me there, too. I’ll be hosting contests on Instagram for you to win my art, free memberships to an online class and other items not offered here on YSP.
  • YSP is a no bitching zone. (unless we’re out of cake) We are here to get rid of the shittage sinking our boats; let’s not unload it on one another here. Let’s make it a practice to dump our negative self-talk before we enter here to picnic together. Together, we’re going to shift that shittage away from us and move it to another galaxy. We’ll be chest butting ourselves because of the benefits we receive by making a conscious decision to curb any poopy self-talk.

When we choose to eliminate telling others or ourselves over and over how bad we feel or how many medications we’re taking and all the side effects, etc., we will begin shifting into a cleaner space to heal in. Buh-bye, shittage! You’ll thank me once you begin making this practice the very first step in soul picnicking like a pro! This is how we keep flies off of our thoughts.

:: The word shittage can be found in my Lilleputian dictionary. One could assume I’m making up some shittage here… One day I’ll publish my Lilleputian dictionary to prove to the world such words really do exist after I finish making words up. I mean, discovering them.

Thank you for sending me dozens of virtual tacos even when it wasn’t Taco Tuesday while I hunkered down with my Superman to create this space for you at Your Soul Picnic. I couldn’t have done it without you cheering me on! Please, let me know you stopped by to say howdy by commenting below.

Add me on Instagram at lillediane or find me on Facebook at Lille Diane’s Soul Picnic. I interact with people — not just collect follows. These are great platforms to get to know each better and by visiting me here we can hurry down together for our very own soul picnics each time you visit YSP! Pig out! Smiles are calorie free!

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