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Soar above stress. Isn't it time your soul had a picnic?

Laughing Lille

Your Soul Picnic is a virtual picnic basket full of hope and tools to help you learn how to soar above stress during the healing stages of PTSD, chronic illness, autoimmune disease, depression and MCS, multiple chemical sensitivities. This is a safe place for all healing from trauma, illness or missing monkey pants. AKA sassy britches.

My name is Lille Diane. I’m the one sportin’ the monkey pants now that I’m on the other side of acute and chronic PTSD. I am here to assist as your Guide-Ess, not your doctor. I am not here to fix anyone but myself. However, I am here to share with you what I did and am still doing to fix myself. My medicine bag contains art therapy, nature wisdom, resources and laughter as a healing balm.

Here’s what’s being served at Your Soul Picnic

Your Soul Picnic contains multiple picnic baskets filled with resources, tools, support, and some silliness tossed in for good measure. Inside each picnic basket here is a blanket of love, compassion and bread crumbs to help you to remember to remember who you truly are within.

For those of you deep inside the healing nest, I’ll bring you nature, beauty and serenity in videos, images, music, podcasts and stories until you can get out in nature yourself. And, you’ll have me to hang out with as you heal. I’ll provide easy, fun art projects that have transformative capabilities to help restructure your brain. It works!

Your Soul Picnic is here to uplift the one cradling the beloved healing as well. After all, both sides are experiencing the effects of PTSD, chronic illness and depression; not just the one in bed. Many of us have experienced being cared for or being the care provider. It’s a difficult place to be on either side. I know this firsthand and have been in both places.

I especially know what my beloved, Superman, did for me and still does today so that I could be here today to help others. You, dear one, are the most overlooked as one who needs some tender loving care, too. I see you. I’m bringing you some much-needed soul food, too.

Your Soul Picnic is also the cheerleading section for those of you who have climbed out of a dark place back into the light. Consider this a safe place, just as you’d do a maintenance program after losing weight, for you to picnic AND keep your sassy, monkey pants sparkling. Now that you’re back out and about living wholly again—let’s picnic regularly together to keep it that way. I’ll high five you, chest butt you and cheer you on anytime you need a “Woot!” from me!

Check out all the picnic baskets in the menu above or below. There will be new content added regularly. Sign up for my newsletter to receive extra support and information designed to help us all. I’m serving full sized happy meals and grab and go snacks for all — whether you’re in a healing stage or perfectly well.

Are you ready to soar above stress and be free from PTSD?

Let’s picnic together here to remember who we truly are within, shall we? Come on and hurry down to

Your Soul Picnic!

Lille with her hair down

Lille Diane

Find out more about Lille Diane's gatherings in colorful Colorado, uplifting videos and posts that will replenish your soul below. Lille Diane’s art will be available for sale very soon!